JUST DO IT! A year from now you will wish you had started today.

a year from today you'll wish you started today


Here's is some advice for any aspiring writers out there. Or really any aspiring "fill in occupation". STOP ASPIRING! Start writing, if you are writing, you are a writer. If you are writing music, you are a musician. There are only two states in which you may exist: person who takes action, or person who does not. Aspiring is a meaningless null state and romanticizes a half-assed endeavour. Excuses are for people who don't want it bad enough. Remove "I can't", "I won't", "I might", "maybe", "later", "tomorrow" from your vocabulary. And the worst of all, "I don't have time". Yes you do. There is no such thing as too busy. It just comes down to your priorities. If you have time to watch Game of Thrones, you don't want it bad enough. If the weekend rolls along and you are out partying, guess what? You do not want it bad enough.  


I never thought of myself as a writer. It would always take me ages to get past the first sentence. In the past few months though I have been training my "writing muscle" and I beleive this is no different than any other thing you want to get good at. People who are experts at writing amazing blog posts and other engaging content didn't do that overnight. They didn't start out as naturally talented bloggers, they put in the work. You might have a project you've been putting off for "someday". You want to learn the guitar or programming. Or perhaps your dream is to become a successful travel blogger or photographer and travel to exotic places for a living. Whatever your calling, it is certainly possible. It is never easy. But it is possible. Remember that. Repeat it every day! Ingrain it! It is never easy, but it IS possible. Hard work, perseverance and years of trying and failing will make you look like an overnight success. When you see a band hit it off big, you probably weren't there to see the million empty shows they played for only family and friends. 


Truth be told, would you even want it to be easy? I definitely would not. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, but a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor. If you are cut from a different cloth and cannot stand living a monotone life, with a secure desk job, you set sail from the safety of that harbour. Because a ship is safe there, but that is not what ships were built for. A year from now you may wish you hoisted your sail today. The time is now. The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is now. You have to start now. 


Tommorrow never comes. There is only today. There will never be anything except today. And if you do not know how to live today, you are demented. - Alan Watts  


The key is to do it for yourself, not for anyone else and not for the money. You cannot succeed if you do not love what you do. Let me rephrase what I mean by "succeed". I mean, you can still make a lot of money. Millions even, but you will feel empty inside if you're not doing what you love. Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, 'What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?' Do that. You can monetize on that. If you want to review kitchen faucets do that (I've actually seen someone making a KILLING doing this), if you like toast that looks like Jesus, then start a blog, sell T-shirts etc. There are people that will buy that. Let your freak flag fly high. Let it soar and see who salutes. There are too many people doing stuff they hate. There is no excuse anymore to do that. Not in 2016. You can make just as much money being happy as hell.  


 If you're wondering, yeah but who are you to give out advice? Well… ok, you got me! At the moment I'm just a guy sprinkling my articles with fancy inspirational phrases. But in a month I will be a much better writer and blogger than I am now. What about in a year? I am taking action. Are you? Or will you let another year slip away without even trying. Just try. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. If you don't fail, you're not even trying. Every failed experiment is one step closer to success. Whatever your dream is, do what is required. It won't be easy, but it is possible.

 You have to be willing to do the things others won't do, in order to have the things tommorrow others won't have.