The lamps are made to order and will take 3-7 days to make depending on the complexity of the design.

Shipping to Europe usually takes 5-9 working days and 10-18 working days outside Europe.


If lamps have reached you damaged, some parts missing, is not as described, not working properly or stopped working properly in 60 days after receiving the lamp, please send an email to and tell me the situation.

One of the solutions will apply:
1. If it’s a small part and easily replaceable I will order you an another one.
2. If it’s a large part you can ship the broken part back, I will pay for your shipping expences and send you a replacement. Please contact me for details about return shipping before doing so or shipping expences will not be covered.

3. You can return the lamp and get a full refund, but you will have to cover the return shipping expences. If preorder waiting time period grew longer than described, you can’t wait any longer for your order and the lamp is still not shipped, contact me and I will send you full refund.